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Certificate: none
Duration: 1 day
Simulation Delivery: Classroom
Number of participants: 8 – 15
Related Framework: Lean, BPM
Course ID: SIM1301
Language: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Credits: None

Simulation Description:

Ease-it is often deployed in order to improve processes, based on various methods. The business simulation supports Lean or BPM implementations, for example, to clarify directions for solutions.
Ease-it confronts participants with matters such as chain-based thinking, quality, cost awareness and results orientation. These concepts are given a concrete meaning in the simulation. Participants experience the big difference between talking about it and actually implementing and doing it.


BDS is an insurance company with several departments involved in an intensive exchange of files. Claims need to be dealt with correctly and on time, while keeping the costs as low as possible. Participants soon discover that the company is not doing well. Losses are increasing and clients are dissatisfied. Departments concentrate on their own problems without trying to see the bigger picture that is needed for real improvement of the end-to-end process.It is up to the participants to turn this situation around as soon as possible…


Everyone engaged in process-orientation, process improvement and Lean or BPM implementation.

Learning Objectives:

Ease-it will show you all the Lean and/or BPM principles in combination with the human factor.

elements Benefits of Simulations:
You are emerged in a real life simulated environment. You will have to apply and adopt the theory to succeed in the business simulation. The power behind the simulation comes from gamification: game thinking and game mechanics are used in a non-game context to solving problems. This fun, experiential and effective delivery method ensures that new learning ‘sticks’. Mistakes can be made and you will learn from the simulation, your peers and the instructor (game leader).

Benefits of Taking This Simulation:

  • Ease-it shows the results of the implementation of result-oriented and process- oriented work, and the problems which may arise from it. Subjects that are dealt with include customer-orientation, result- orientation, coordination with the client organisation, and cost awareness.
  • Ease-it offers help when implementing Lean, for example, at the stage of idea development or during the (re)design of a concrete business process.
  • Ease-it shows the importance of good agreements, breaking down barriers, sharing knowledge and a businesslike dialogue.
  • Ease-it offers participants the opportunity to improve performance by applying logistic principles and experiencing and testing in practice abstract ideas on change in organisations.
  • Ease-it is energising and motivates participants to critically analyse their own work processes.


“I can strongly recommend Ease-it. I’m using this simulation in all kind of organizational issues both in the Netherlands as abroad. Although this simulation is easy to play with(in) all levels in organizations, it learns the participants in only a short period of time the principles, pitfalls and gains of Business Process Management, Lean Thinking, to realize what is added value for the customer, the advantage of teamwork and troubleshooting methods.  An absolute winner!”

Wim Hoyer, Trainer at Interaction Interim and  Performance College.




Follow-on Course:

  • Lean IT
  • BPM

Course Materials:

The training organization will bring the required equipment and materials for playing the simulation.


  • The business simulation is typically played as a 1-day simulation, and there are 3 – 5 rounds to the simulation depending on the learning objectives.
  • If an entire day is too long, there are possibilities also to deliver the simulation in half a day, with a special scenario.

Ease-it is a copyrighted trademark of Simagine, All rights reserved.

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