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Capacítate con los mejores docentes certificados, con mas de 10 años de experiencia práctica, con estándares de la más alta calidad en todo el proceso de capacitación.


Certificate: optional when integrated in Foundation
Duration: 4 hrs (awareness) – 3 days (Integrated in Foundation)
Simulation Delivery: Classroom
Number of participants: 5 – 15
Related Framework: ITIL
Course ID: SIM1101
Language: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Credits: None

Simulation Description:

For many years now Control-IT has been used as a successful intervention in the area of ICT Service Management. Control-IT is energising and will motivate you to adopt ITIL processes.
The strong client perspective in the simulation “forces” you and your colleagues to discover and implement Service Management yourselves. And so, helping you to be successful in the implementation in your real organisation.
Control-IT provides you with the opportunity to make full use of all the experience, knowledge and ideas of your staff and/or your colleagues and it will help to motivate them.


The challenge: MAINPORT

MPTerminals is part of Mainport, the world’s largest port. Advanced technology and expertise give MPT a big lead over their competitors in terms of flexibility, reliability and efficiency. MPT ensures 100% logistic services 24-7. A range of well trained and highly motivated staff are able to translate customer demands into efficient solutions. All this with maximum flexibility!

Demand for logistic services is growing, so MPT has opened a brand new terminal that will provide large-scale, low-cost facilities. The challenge will be to begin operate this ultra-modern terminal and make it work and prosper…


  • IT managers and operatives
  • IT teams
  • IT professionals

Learning Objectives:

  • ISO/IEC 20000 principles
  • ISO/IEC 20000 processes and their interrelationships
  • Delivering services to your customer
  • Tricks and traps of implementation
  • The importance of the human factor in IT Service Management


elements Benefits of Simulations:

You are emerged in a real life simulated environment. You will have to apply and adopt the theory to succeed in the business simulation. The power behind the simulation comes from gamification: game thinking and game mechanics are used in a non-game context to solving problems. This fun, experiential and effective delivery method ensures that new learning ‘sticks’. Mistakes can be made and you will learn from the simulation, your peers and the instructor (game leader).

Benefits of Taking This Simulation:

  • The participant has become versed in the ISO/IEC 20000 theory, structure and basic concepts (Knowledge)
  • The participant is familiar with the various Process management processes and understands how they are related (Process awareness)
  • The participant is capable of recognizing roles, targets and responsibilities, and can take action accordingly (Process-based working)
  • The candidate appreciates collaboration and is able to adapt at times in order to be more effective and efficient as a team (Cooperation)
  • The participant understands that his or her work is oriented towards the creation of value for customers (Customer-oriented working)


“As CEO of an global IT-consulting firm I was introduced to the Simagine’s Business simulations many years ago.
By using Control-IT, it is made clear to participants from the outset that organising is about processes, resources and communication.
Control-IT offers an excellent basis to this end. The coaching provided by Simagine during the simulations is inspiring, intellectual and humorous. It offers all the ingredients for a successful organisational improvement! ”

the Co-founder and CEO


“People who participated in the Control-IT simulation received an enormous boost and returned very energised. Their enthusiasm was contagious. Those of their colleagues who could not make it initially later tried to win a spot for another day. A buzzing went through the building: you’ve got to be in on this! Control-IT has helped us get across the essence of process-based working in an ICT Service environment.”

the ITSM-consultant and implementation project manager



Follow-on Course:

  • ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation (can be included in the program)

Course Materials:

The training organization will bring the required equipment and materials for playing the simulation.


  • The business simulation can be played in 4 hrs for introductory or awareness purposes or in 1 – 3 days (Foundation level), and 3 – 5 rounds can be played in the simulation. This of course, depending on your learning objectives.

Control-IT is a copyrighted trademark of Simagine, All rights reserved.

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