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ITIL® Intermediate: Release, Control and Validation

RCV Practices in Support of the Service Management Lifecycle 


RCV encompasses the process activities necessary to bring new or changed services into operational use. This course will provide you with a good understanding of how to apply RCV practices in support of the service management lifecycle

The ITIL Release, Control and Validation qualification is one of four ITIL Service Capability Courses and will provide you with guidance that focuses on the practical application of RCV practices in order to enable change, service asset and configuration, release and deployment and knowledge management, request fulfilment and service validation and testing

There are 2 objectives of this course. The first is to gain an introductory overview of the Service management lifecycle, its key processes, roles etc. You also want to pass the exam! It is the aim of the course to satisfy both

USD$642 – incl. Exam Voucher